Payment Processing for JD Edwards

Deploy a world-class integrated payment platform to reach your customers with their preferred payment method

SmarterCommerce Payment Credit Card Processing for JD Edwards (JDE)

 Credit Card Processing

SmarterCommerce Credit Card Processing allows your website, call center applications, and/or point of sale applications to support multiple payment instruments including credit cards, purchase cards level II and III, debit cards and electronic checks.

 Account Receivables (AR) Collections

With SmarterCommerce Credit Card processing, a customer's service representative can charge a credit card against an outstanding invoice to collect payment, shortening the days sales outstanding of an invoice, and giving customers more options for payment.

 PayPal Express Checkout

Express Checkout is a fast, easy way for buyers to pay with PayPal, and eliminates one of the major causes of checkout abandonment by giving buyers all the transaction details at once, including order details, shipping options, insurance choices, and tax totals.

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Credit Card Advanced AR Collections

Advanced Account Receivables Collections

With our Advanced Account Receivables Collections module, your organization can use SmarterCommerce to streamline collection efforts and reduce average days-sales-outstanding by receiving credit card payments to settle past due account receivables invoices.

Lower Payment Processing and PCI Compliance Costs

SmarterCommerce's secure PCI PA-DSS validated architecture allows your organization to greatly reduce PCI scope and cost. You can drive down costs with hosted payment pages, tokenization and cloud-based storage of credit card data, as well as reduce merchant fees by deploying Level 2/3 processing and having access to the broadest range of payment processors in the industry.

Payment Processing Reduce PCI
Support Multiple Payment pathways

Broad Range of Payment Alternatives for Customers

With SmarterCommerce, you can seamlessly offer customers all major payment methods including credit card, ACH, e-check and PayPal across all your sales channels - call center, retail POS, or ecommerce websites. Your customers will be able to make payments through the payment type and channel that is most convenient for them.

Streamlined Collections Management

With our Advanced AR Collections module, your organization can use SmarterCommerce to streamline collection efforts and reduce average days-sales-outstanding by receiving credit card and ACH payments to settle past due AR invoices.

Streamline Collections Management
Easy to Use

Architected for JD Edwards with 5-Day Implementation

SmarterCommerce Payment Processing is 100% tailored for JD Edwards ERP and is not a generic solution for other ERPs. This focused solution approach delivers highly intuitive user interface, familiar business rules and minimal training requirements. The end results is greatly accelerated implementation timetables for your organization with a 5-day implementation and go live shortly thereafter.

Freedom to Choose Credit Card Processor

SmarterCommerce's integration with Payflow™ and Computop's Paygate provides support for almost all the leading payment processors giving your organization the freedom to choose the processor that delivers the best combination of merchant fee pricing and customer services to address your needs.

Freedom to Choose Credit Card Processor
Predictable Return on Investment

Predictable and Rapid Return on Investment

With fixed fee implementation services and a rapid and proven methodology, your organization can realize a predictable and rapid ROI with SmarterCommerce.  There are no surprise costs nor implementation delays to jeopardize your project objectives.

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