JD Edwards Ecommerce and Mobility

Engage with customers 24/7 seamlessly across all devices in a unified commerce world

SmarterCommmcer Ecommerce and Mobility web store for JD Edwards (JDE)

 Ecommerce CMS Integration

Build your JD Edwards Ecommerce web store with the right platform. With our partnership with Sitefinity CMS, SmarterCommerce provides seamless ecommerce and CMS capability to provide complete control over your online presence.


Organizations in many industries have turned to the SmarterCommerce Ecommerce solution in order to fully achieve their online goals. SmarterCommerce provides a complete ecommerce web store platform and is the ideal solution for a JD Edwards integrated B2B portal to reach out to distributors and dealers, as well as B2C direct sales needs.


Today, consumers and businesses expect to be supported 24x7 across any devices. With responsive design, SmarterCommerce Mobile delivers a seamless, consistent experience beyond the PC to include smartphones, using iPhone's iOS, Android, Blackberry and others, and tablets such as the Apple iPad.

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JD Edwards customers are embracing digital transformation by migrating to ecommerce platforms that feature integration into EnterpriseOne and CMS.

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Rapid Website Deployment

Your global web store can deploy in weeks with full ecommerce capabilities. Our experienced team of consulting professionals and web designers can get your JD Edwards integrated ecommerce web store operational in just 30-60 days. Our experienced implementation consulting staff and designers help get your ecommerce web store running 24/7.

Ecommerce Mobility Support

Unified Ecommerce and CMS Solution

Together with the user-friendly Sitefinity CMS solution, SmarterCommerce provides marketing users complete control of the web experience with an easy-to-use set of tools. In addition, the SmarterCommerce Management Console enables the management of multiple websites/web store and all web content from one unified platform. This enables marketing users and administrators to easily update content throughout the website using familiar tools like Microsoft Word, intuitive drag and drop design and page capabilities while simultaneously supporting your ecommerce activities.

Tailored Customer Experiences

Build your ecommerce web store solution tailor made for all devices and a unified shopping platform for all customers. Using responsive design technology, your SmarterCommerce websites will deliver a device-specific, tailored experience to visitors with a smartphone, tablet or laptop resulting in better engagement.

Ecommerce Mobility Responsive
Ecommerce Mobility Increase

Increase Sales Productivity and Efficiency

Having your ecommerce web store process payments and simultaneously integrated with your JD Edwards ERP software reduces order capture and customer service operating costs. SmarterCommerce lets you see your ROI faster by streamlining your order capture and service processes.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Leverage SmarterCommerce ecommerce flexible payment, shipping, dashboard, and personalized portal capabilities to add value to your website shopping experience. Your B2B and B2C customers can conveniently place orders, get quotes, and make payments 24/7 from any device from a custom B2B or B2C web store dashboard.

Ecommerce Mobility Secure
Easy to Use

Extensive User/Role Management

Sitefinity CMS allows website administrators to set and manage user roles and permissions to various access levels. Even customers can manage the roles and permissions their own staff can have on a customer portal. This deep granularity gives the flexibility admins and companies need in a high-end ecommerce web store and CMS solution. 

Multi-Site Management

Sitefinity supports capabilities to manage multiple websites from a single instance. All of your team can manage, share, and sync content and pages to simplify site management. 

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