Call Center Management for JD Edwards with SmarterCommerce


Today, customers have come to demand consistent service and sales support which is causing call centers to quickly evolve into complete customer contact centers. The call center's importance is rapidly escalating as it provides support for all customer interactions. This session explains how JD Edwards customers have provided unparalleled customer service through every marketing channel while ensuring consistency and accuracy in its product and pricing strategies across all sales channels with JD Edwards integrated Call Center Management.


You will learn how Call Center Management can be rapidly deployed in just weeks with SmarterCommerce to provide customer with such capabilities as:

-Telephony integration (CTI) with screen pops for customer retrieval

-"Smart searches" to instantly retrieve customer and product information

-Opportunities for cross and up-selling through related product suggestions based on buying habits

-Integrated credit card authorization and multiple payment method capabilities

-One-click access to running order totals, shipment tracking links, customer master/address book

-Integrated multi-carrier shipping/logistics functionality

-Increasing order processing productivity and put through by over 20%

-Marketing source code tracking for marketing campaign analysis