SmarterCommerce Cloud-Based Payment Processing for JD Edwards


The SmarterCommerce PayCloud delivers the same market-leading credit card and payment processing capabilities used by over 100 JD Edwards customers while providing a very attractive pricing and operating cost model designed to deliver maximum process efficiency and a rapid return on investment (ROI).

With the SmarterCommerce PayCloud, your organization can benefit from payment processing in the cloud for JD Edwards with none of the hassles and challenges of implementing new software since we:

  • Eliminate hardware to purchase, install, manage and maintain
  • Simplify PCI compliance
  • Minimize upfront solution investment

With the SmarterCommerce PayCloud, we can board your organization in as little as 3 to 4 weeks with our accelerated implementation process. In this session, you will learn how over 100 JD Edwards customers have automated their credit card processing with such capabilities as:

  • Authorizing credit cards in real-time across all sales channels including JD Edwards sales order entry, Ecommerce and POS
  • Eliminating non-value-added work of applying credit card pre-payments to open AR and reconciling credit card receipts
  • Accelerating collections by accepting corporate credit card payments to settle past due AR
  • Automating Level 2/3 Processing, deposits, backorders and global multi-currency credit card needs

You will also learn how the SmarterCommerce PayCloud hosted payment pages architecture can virtually eliminate your PCI compliance scope and costs

Session Objectives

  • Learn about the SmarterCommerce PayCloud payment processing solution, our revolutionary implementation strategy and the immediate advantages from the cloud-based model.
  • Understand the key process and efficiency benefits from automating credit card processing with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • View live demo of features/functionality for SmarterCommerce PayCloud payment processing with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

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