Customer References and Testimonials

Learn about our customers and their SmarterCommerce experiences

As a leading provider for JD Edwards unified commerce solutions, SmarterCommerce is dedicated to satisfying the needs of every customer. We have had the opportunity to interview some our customers and record their responses and their experiences with SmarterCommerce.


David_lyel_BWDavid Lyle, Chief Information Officer
"One of the things that attracted us to Premier is that they had very good references and have been true to their word." 
"I have not had a better partner than Premier".  
"A lot of our credibility and  success comes from the initial stuff that we did with Premier"

Gerald Brendle, 
Director of Project Services 
"We found SmarterCommerce made the flow of the orders coming in, the processing of the orders to be very effective and efficient ." 
"Premier Group is an excellent partner".  


Jeff Troyer, IT Manager

"We chose SmarterCommerce because it gave us the best bang for the buck, it was very tightly integrated into JD Edwards and it was solidly built." 

 "We were able to go live on time in our ecommerce site.  We are very happy with our Weaver Leather Supply site.  It's really giving us a presence in the retail leather supply market."

"SmarterCommerce delivered on the promises that they gave us,"


Lisa Tran, Applications Administrator

"We went to a solution where we were doing real-time credit card and it was populating things automatically. We saw the immediate benefit where we were handling orders with the existing people and there were people we didn't have to hire."

"We have chosen to use Sitefinity CMS.  It is seamless with SmarterCommerce and give us a consistent feel through the shopping cart and our pages."  

Tammy Gaston, IT Specialist

"Working with the Premier team was really a pleasure."  
"Being able to process the web orders at much lower cost really allowed us to expand our website because we knew we would be able to handle the volume."

David Karski, Manager of Technical Architecture
"Part of Premier's strong point is that they have JD Edwards knowledge, and they have JD Edwards background with their developers, which is very strong because of the integration between the two systems."

"We found with the Ecommerce solution that we were able to increase our orders from 12% to over 50% since we've been live."

"It's been very reliable, both Credit Card and Ecommerce."


Craig_Baratta_BWCraig Baratta, Director, Information Technology
"One of the things that has really worked for us with the SmarterCommerce line of products, is that they follow that same [JD Edwards] logic. They're expandable, they can have diversity among our business units, among our companies, and they can allow us to provide the same service as we acquire an organization."

"We were very happy with SmarterCommerce all along, and decided that we would reengage those same products in our latest upgrade."

"We like to find partners that we can have an actual partnership with where if we have suggestions, we can make those suggestions be heard.  Going back 15 years, a lot of our decisions have made their way into the release."


Andrew Ritting, Business Systems Analyst

"We became familiar with Premier through their SmarterCommerce product, and through that implementation you impressed our managers with how well it went, and furthermore with the fixed pricing option, which worked very well."

"Having a committed partner with Premier Group, a relationship that we have built a trust over this time period, we have an expectation, and Premier Group continues to deliver on that expectation that the project will be on a fixed cost, has a defined start and end.  We have done three projects and they have all been successful."