Can your Customers Reach you Online?

There is a better alternative to JD Edwards Ecommerce


About the Whitepaper:

The business landscape is shifting to a more digital/internet central environment. This has been most proven in the B2C world, with major internet retailers like Amazon and eBay making all kinds of goods and services easily available.

This transformation, however, is also affecting the way businesses exchange goods and services with other businesses. More and more corporations are creating ecommerce web-stores to compete with the changing landscape, and to reach new potential customers over the internet. 

As this shift takes place, the integration between all the platforms needed for a complete ecommerce strategy is rising to the forefront of executive concerns. The level of integration between an organization's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Content Management System (CMS), and its Ecommerce platforms can be a source of department-wide conflict, or a well oiled machine running to optimize ROI.

This whitepaper explains 5 of the significant benefits Dozens of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers have found in adopting an integrated approach to their Ecommerce platform.

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