SmarterCommerce Avalara AvaTax Integrator Case Study

Vexed with On-Premise Sales Tax Compliance?


About the Case Study:

Ever felt the pains of manual tax compliance in JD Edwards?

You're not alone! WS Darley was feeling the stress of manual updates, unnecessary risk, and lost efficiencies in their sales tax compliance.

In an interview with IT director, John Long, explained some of the sales tax related challenges Darley was facing before moving forward with a JD Edwards integrated and cloud-base approach.They moved to Avalara AvaTax and the SmarterCommerce AvaTax Integrator for a cloud-based approach.

“The software [AvaTax and SmarterCommerce] functions well and once it is setup, very little maintenance will be needed on your side.”
- John Long, IT Director

Read about the challenges and rewards of the migration process, and what it could mean for your organization.

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