Terrain D.O.G.

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Terrain D.O.G. manufacture and distributes high quality leashes and collars for the out-going adventurous dog. Leashes and collars are made from nylon, and high quality leather from selected tanneries.

The Terrain D.O.G. brand is part of the Weaver Leather family of companies, and includes the SmarterCommerce Ecommerce and Sitefinity CMS company wide platform for establishing an ecommerce presence. Through SmarterCommerce, Terrain D.O.G. features real-time integration with JD Edwards inventory and pricing rules. Through SmarterCommerce, Weaver Leather has been able to establish an exceptionally unified web presence that enables cutting edge integration while also allowing for cutting edge design. This site was launched with ;limited support from Premier, and was mainly an internal effort by Weaver Leather.