Public Sector Point of Sale and Collections

Enabling seamless collections through JD Edwards integrated POS solutions

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 Touch-Screen and Mobile Payments

With SmarterCommerce POS Collections for Public Sector for JD Edwards, your organization's personnel can efficiently serve customers from both fixed location counters and with mobile personnel on tablets using our touch-screen interface.

 Collect on AR Invoices

Accept payments for open AR invoice payments directly from JD Edwards with multiple tender types (cash, check, credit card) and recurring payments for flexibility and convenience.

 Integrated With Leading JD Edwards Utility Software

Not only does SmarterCommerce Collections POS enable smooth store sales operations, but it is also built to integrate with Denovo's Utiligy 360, the leading utility management solution for JD Edwards.


Point of Sale Public Increase branch Productivity

Increase Customer Service and Collections Productivity

Having an integrated collections solution allows customer service locations to process transactions with the most up to date information providing more efficient service by streamlining the receipt and processing of payments.  

Management Console 

Manage your network, cash drawer operations with support for single, multiple, and shared drawer management along with peripherals such as bar-code scanners, card swipe, printers, and display poles, and cut down time spent on end-of-day processing, to better direct POS collection operations.

Point of Sale Public Management Console

Point of Sale Public Easy-to-Use Interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

SmarterCommerce POS software was built with a touch-screen, browser-based single page solution for a flexible deployment and intuitive user interface that can be operated seamlessly on a PC or tablet with minimal user training.

Accessible Real-Time Information

Centrally manage payment locations with real-time information and JD Edwards integration thereby facilitating timely processing of payments and decisions based on real-time data.

Point of Sale Public Accesible-Real-Time Information

Point of Sale Public Email Notifications

E-mail Notifications

Automatically email invoices and bills as reminders for payments, as well as email receipts to customers for future reference.

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