Ecommerce Showcase

SmarterCommerce Ecommerce websites with real-time integration to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne


Weaver Leather Supply

Weaver launched its B2C website with SmarterCommerce in just 120 days giving Weaver a presence in the online consumer market to support its sales growth.

Oasis Tears

Oasis TEARS is part of the OASIS Medical family of brands, and chose SmarterCommerce and Sitefinity CMS as it's solutions of choice for the build-out of a B2C ecommerce site.

The Northwest

The Northwest Company uses SmarterCommerce B2B ecommerce for selling products in larger quantities. This site features real-time JD Edwards integration, Sitefinity CMS integration, and a quick order pad for streamlined ordering.

First Source

First Source chose SmarterCommerce and the Sitefinity CMS integration as the platform of choice to revamp web-store operations.

Terrain D.O.G.

Terrain D.O.G. is part of the Weaver Leather family of brands and features the recently launched a re-branded web-store by SmarterCommerce and Sitefinity CMS.

Wesco Aircraft

Wesco Aircraft built a JD Edwards-integrated B2B portal using SmarterCommerce Ecommerce for customers to easily manage and place orders with across an inventory of over 100,000 parts.

Sennheiser Electronic

As part of Sennheiser's global "pursuit of perfect sound", a dealer and sales representative portal was built to support over 20 countries and 6 languages, using SmarterCommerce Ecommerce and Sitefinity CMS, with comprehensive integration to JD Edwards to support their online sales initiatives.

Fisher and Paykel

This renowned manufacturer of household appliances uses SmarterCommerce Ecommerce to power its sale of appliance accessories to service centers and end consumers using a broad-based product catalog and real-time integration to JD Edwards for item specifications, pricing and availability.

Buck Chuck

Buck Chuck contracted SmarterCommerce to create a B2B ecommerce website for product line of specialized precision equipment used by manufacturers to address workholding and chucks.

Johnson Outdoors

SmarterCommerce Ecommerce was implemented as a Retail Control Panel for Johnson Outdoors retail partners to be able to place/modify orders, make payments, and track shipments from a 24/7 online platform.

Stoner Solutions

SmarterCommerce collaborated with Stoner Solutions to a support multi-brand, unified ecommerce and CMS platform to address their innovative marketing initiatives. Stoner's B2C and B2B ecommerce websites span Car Care, Detailing Direct, and Mold More Parts product lines. Customers and dealers can browse product catalogs to learn more about Stoner Solution products, then place orders with real-time integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Cardinal Glass

A crucial part of Cardinal Glass's strategy to improve customer service and address its product configuration and make to order customer requirements is driven by the Cardinal Connect B2B customer portal powered by SmarterCommerce and Sitefinity CMS Ecommerce.  Through Cardinal Connect, customers have 24/7 access to place configured glass orders, check order status, and even make payments against open invoices thus streamlining customer service and driving down costs.

The Winners Brand

As a SmarterCommerce ecommerce website for livestock product lines, this website has fully functional B2C ecommerce, blogging, and store-finder capabilities. This ecommerce site also uses real-time product and pricing information from JD Edwards to give customers accurate product pricing and inventory information 24/7.


AgroLiquid Fertilizer uses SmarterCommerce Ecommerce for its’ B2B retail partners portal. Customers can quickly add products via the Enhanced Quick-Order feature and check out product mix orders integrated with transportation management in JD Edwards.

Great Dane Trailers

Great Dane Trailers created a B2B online portal to automate customer orders of part for trailers. This JD Edwards integrated portal makes 600,000 SKU's immediately visible with real time inventory and pricing.


Following an acquisition of the Stonetech product line that required B2C ecommerce, Laticrete needed to launch its JD Edwards-integrated website in just 90 days or less.  With SmarterCommerce Ecommerce, Laticrete was able to meet its timetable and launch its B2C initiative for the Stonetech line of products.

Service Partners

Service Partners work with SmarterCommerce to create a B2B ecommerce website that doubles as a product display site. Customers can log in and place orders in an intuitive way, while prospects and site visitors can browse all products and information.

Minn Kota Motors

SmarterCommerce delivered an intuitive, interactive, and JD Edwards-integrated parts diagram visualization capability to ease the online parts ordering for Johnson Outdoors' Minn Kota trolling motor product line. Customers can browse and select individual items from the visual diagram adding them to the shopping cart for fast checkout.

Hardinge Company

Hardinge partnered with SmarterCommerce to address their unique requirements including U.S. and Asia-Pacific operatins, customer-specific pricing, multiple shipment locations, self-service reporting and real-time credit rating through D&B for new customers. The implementation of this JD Edwards-integrated ecommerce website increased ecommerce orders from 12% to over 50% of orders placed.

Weaver Arborist

Weaver Arborist's SmarterCommerce Ecommerce is a dynamic website providing extensive product content to support dealers of premium harnesses and other arborist related products.

Ride the Brand

Ride the Brand is the premier equestrian brand from Weaver Leather. In line with the other ecommerce sites from Weaver, this brand features a SmarterCommerce Ecommerce site with Sitefinity CMS. Aside from a JD Edwards integrated catalogue and shopping cart, Ride the Brand also features rich corporate, educational, and brand content for customers to browse.

United Aerospace

Premier implemented JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 for United Aerospace. As the final stage of the project, United Aerospace turned to SmarterCommerce for a JD Edwards integrated Ecommerce solution. Customers can now log onto the site to access invoice and account information.

Caire Medical

When Chart Industries needed a pre-integrated ecommerce webstore for its CAIRE Oxygen Concentrators of products, SmarterCommerce was the partner of choice for this 120 day rapid build out.

Oasis Medical

OASIS Medical uses SmarterCommerce Ecommerce and Sitefinity CMS to sell its products to a B2B and B2C audience with real-time JD Edwards integration.

Morgan Olson Parts

Morgan Olson uses SmarterCommerce Ecommerce to power their Morgan Olson Parts web-store for B2B customers to purchase aftermarket parts.